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Proud of our reputation for friendly and caring dentistry, we operate an open and honest pricing policy within all of our practices at One Dental Care. Should you therefore require any treatment during your visit to us, we will always provide you with a choice of treatment options, a written treatment plan and the opportunity to ask any questions or queries you may have.

Please find below a guide to our fees for our most common private dental treatments:

Treatment Description Fee
Fallow/ PPE Charge (One per course of PVT Rx) £20
New Patient Private Exam* (30mins)
Routine Private Exam* (20mins) £60
Scaling with Hygienist £45
Emergency Appointment (ie. for Toothache) £95
Xray £10
White (Tooth Coloured) Fillings From £75
Composite Veneer £150
All-Ceramic (Tooth Coloured) Crowns From £375
Bridge (per Unit) £400
Resin Retained Bridge £450
Porcelain Veneers (per Tooth) From £425
Root Canal Treatment From £175
Teeth Whitening (Take Home Kit) £275
Dentures (Full Upper and Full Lower) £700
Dentures (Full Upper or Lower) £400
Partial Denture (Acrylic) £350
Chrome Denture From £650
Sports Gumshield From £80
Night Guard £80
Essix Retainer £80
Fixed Retainer £225
Dental Implant Consultation with Specialist (includes personalised Treatment Plan that is based on your individual clinical needs) £95
Dental Implant Scan Review £75
Dental Implant (including Implant Root Abutment and Ceramic Crown) *As per Treatment Plan
Cfast - Single Arch £1,850
Cfast - Dual Arch £2,850
Wrinkle Reducing Treatment (otherwise known as Botox®): One Area £200
Wrinkle Reducing Treatment (otherwise known as Botox®): Two Areas £250
Wrinkle Reducing Treatment (otherwise known as Botox®): Three Areas £300
Dermal Fillers (per syringe) £250

*Exam includes 2 small Xrays

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